Technical Specifications

Hotel Robot

Hotel Robot

Our room service robot’s main function is to deliver items from the service desk or store room to the guest’s door. It can travel autonomously and dock itself to charge when it needs to. It can be accessed by the Digital Concierge app and is also compatible with our Vending Machine.

Dimensions and Weight

  • external dimensions (l × w × h):630x600x1200
  • weight:100
  • ground clearance:40

Performance and Battery

  • payload:40 kg
  • motor power:400 watts
  • max speed:1 m/s
  • battery type:Lithium-ion
  • battery capacity:48V-22Ah
  • charging time:4-5 Hours
  • run time:6-7 Hours


  • lidar:2D LIDAR
  • depth camera:2 Sensor
  • ultrasonic sensor:6 Sensor
  • clip sensor:2 Sensor
  • IMU:Um7

Communication and Interface

  • control modes:SLAM Navigation /Joystick
  • feedback:LIDAR, IMU, Encoder
  • communication:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE
  • drivers and api:Yes
  • supported operating system:Ubuntu 16.0+
  • included accessories:Yes

System Requirements

  • basic/default:Intel i5 11Gen

Environmental Conditions

  • type of environment:Indoor
  • type of surface:Flat floors only
  • ambient temperature:20℃ to 45℃ (-4℉ to 113℉)