Technical Specifications

Luggage Robot

luggage robot

Our luggage robot’s job is to carry the guest's luggage for them whenever they check in or out of the hotel. It can travel autonomously and avoid obstacles on the way as it carries heavy loads, thus replacing the porter or hotel bellboy. Additionally, it can also display ads and other marketing content on its large displays, which can be managed remotely by the owner.

Dimensions and Weight

  • external dimensions (l × w × h):1100 X 700 X 1830 mm
  • platform dimensions (l × w):1122X690 mm
  • weight:350 Kg
  • ground clearance:25mm

Performance and Battery

  • payload:200 Kg
  • motor power:1000 watts
  • max speed:1 m/s
  • battery type:Lithium-ion
  • battery capacity:Dc 48V-41Ah
  • charging time:4 Hours


  • lidar:2D LIDAR * 2
  • depth camera:2 Sensor
  • ultrasonic sensor:8 Sensor
  • clip sensor:4 Sensor
  • IMU:Um7
  • bumper:Not Applicable

Communication and Interface

  • control modes:SLAM Navigation /Joystick
  • feedback:LIDAR, IMU, Encoder
  • communication:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE
  • drivers and api:Yes
  • supported operating system:Ubuntu 16.0+
  • included accessories:Yes

System Requirements

  • basic/default:Intel i5 11th Gen

Environmental Conditions

  • type of environment:Indoor
  • type of surface:Flat floors only