Technical Specifications

Vending Machine

vending machine

Our vending machine automatically connects with the hotel robot to dispense the specific item to it. It has three delivery points for the three trays that the hotel robot has. It is fully automated, from collecting the orders to releasing the items that range from food items to soaps, towels and other amenities.

Dimension (in mm)

  • 1800 H x 1800W x 800D

Physical features

  • Cabinet material -MS powder coated.
  • Tray and collection box -Stainless steel FG Floor mounted.
  • Android Touch screen Display size -21 inch.
  • Fork lift possibility on backside bottom.
  • Caster wheel for easy moving.
  • Glass door provided for visibility of products so it is easy to identify the stock.


  • Adjustable slots in conveyor tray:40-45 no.s
  • Adjustable slot in spiral:12-14 no.s
  • LED Lighting for brilliant merchandising with different color.
  • Anti-Theft Door.
  • The stored goods in the vending machine are enough for 50 rooms in a hotel.

Electrical Specifications

  • Network option:Inbuilt Router/ Wi-Fi & LAN
  • Power socket:16 A
  • Power:230 V 50Hz
  • drivers and api:Yes
  • Plug ports Are in pocket

Software Specifications

  • Android system version 9 4gb RAM 16 GB ROM
  • Direct flow between machine and robot.
  • Indirect flow between machine and Android app.
  • Local database to refill stock.